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Online Ad Creation & Implementation

Online Ad Campaign Creation & Implementation

Online advertisements are one of the most popular and best ways to generate new leads and brand awareness. If you are not yet implementing an online advertising campaign or you would like a review and improvements to be carried out on a current campaign, we have a series of packages available.

There are 3 main types of paid advertising that we offer: Retargeting, Facebook, and YouTube

Retargeting is the most effective and ‘must have’ marketing for your business. We commonly see an ROI close to 700% as a result of retargeting customers for our clients.
Here’s why retargeting is so effective: When a user visits your website they are tagged and our software gives us the ability to track their movements around the web and present ads to them to return to your website. It doesn’t cost much to implement but because you are only targeting people who have visited your website in the past the chances of them becoming a customer or buying additional products or services from you is far greater.

There are now a number of paid options to promote your business and message on Facebook. All have their own place and some are more effective than others depending on the type of promotional campaign being run. If you don’t yet have a Facebook page for your business I encourage you to visit our Facebook start-up package page: Click Here To View Facebook Startup Services

External Website Ads
External website ads are located on the sidebar. The size of this ad is 110×80 pixels and these ads can be very effective when the audience is targeted correctly. The most common advertisement used on Facebook is this external website ad.


Sponsored Stories
Sponsored stories enable you to highlight important content that you want users to view and engage with. This could be an article, video or even a sales page and the ad will be featured as a ‘popular post’ in the sidebar on Facebook.

Page Post Ads
Page post ads are an ad based on social sharing and engagement. They work great as a large promotional image or video. The intention of these ads is either encourage viewers to take an action based on what they see in the image or video or ‘like’ the page which posted the content.

Promoted Posts
Promoted posts are a simple way to get additional exposure for the posts on your page on Facebook. Facebook gauges a particular users interest in your page and presents your content to them through their newsfeed based on how ‘interested’ they are. Promoted posts ensure that everyone has the opportunity to see your post whether they have been active on your page or not. It will increase the views a particular post gets.

Facebook Offers
Facebook offers are a new feature that Facebook has brought about to give businesses the opportunity to run viral coupon offers through Facebook that spread fast. This is a great feature to utilize If you are a business that frequently runs generous offers that might be a good idea to test our running an offer virally through Facebook Offers.

As you can see there are a number of options when it comes to promoting your content, message or offers over Facebook. Depending on what your business is we will make an informed decision as to what types of ads will work best for your business. We will then test those ads and work on improving them with the intention of generating $2+ in profits for every $1 you invest.

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the web boasting Billions of views every year. It’s also fast becoming a great way to get your message out to the right audience. There are some careful considerations when running a YouTube marketing campaign. The first consideration is what type of ad to run and what is your intention in running the campaign.

Ads on YouTube
The main ads featured on YouTube are served before every video. These advertisements are 15 – 30 seconds long on average and the users is forced to watch the video before accessing the content they originally clicked on.

Ads located around the web

YouTube has a program where it pays websites to serve its ads from around the web in one big content network. What this means is that you have the option to serve video ads around the web on external websites based on what keywords your business wants to target.

Content Ads When Users Search
Content ads are presented when a user searches YouTube. These are small images with text that goes with them. The goal is to stand out by targeting the correct types of ads.

There are a number of advertising options with YouTube as you can see to get your message out there. YouTube is known for its ability to launch products and services FAST due to the CPV model it uses. Consult our team on the best strategy for utilizing YouTube advertising or whether or not it is a worthwhile solution for your particular business.

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