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Facebook Startup Services

Facebook Startup Services

Facebook Marketing Strategy Creation
It would not be wise to start a new business without a business plan so why would you start engaging your audience via social media without a plan? Many Organizations jump right into Facebook & Twitter and get started without a plan, so please don’t feel bad if you did as well. We provide you with a step-by-step, easy to understand plan that will provide a clear road map to success for your business using social media. Once you have read and fully understand the strategy you can pass it onto your team to begin executing, or let us handle the implementation for you. By allowing Sam Bakker Consulting Group to supply the services to accomplish your social media strategy you save time, money and avoid numerous potential headaches. It leaves you free to do what you do best, run your business!


Facebook Page Creation
A Facebook Business Page varies greatly from a personal Facebook account. A Facebook Business Page is a place your business can communicate with it’s audience (i.e. clients and prospective clients) that does not expose personal information. Your Businesses Facebook Page may allow you to collect e-mail addresses, run contests as well as other special functions. If you don’t already have a Facebook Business Page please allow us create one for you.

Custom Facebook URL Creation
Most businesses are not aware that Facebook allows you to reserve a Facebook URL (i.e. www.facebook.com/yourbizname) that’s unique to your business. Facebook permits each Business Page to register only one unique/custom URL ,so it’s important to make sure you reserve your URL as soon as possible. We will work closely with you to secure the custom URL that best suits your business. By doing so, potential clients will find your business easily on Facebook. This custom URL should then be utilized in all facets of your business including signage, business cards, advertisements, etc.

Facebook Timeline Customization
The Facebook Timeline displays information shared by businesses in a chronological manner (i.e. by date). Your Facebook Timeline can be customized to further enhance the brand exposure of your business. Our service customizes the look and feel of your Facebook Business Page & Timeline so it appears much like a website inside Facebook that is unique to your business. This will enable you to stand out in the social media marketplace and communicate your brand’s message in a way that fits nicely with your other marketing materials.

Facebook ‘About Us’ Creation
Don’t know how or lack the time to create a compelling message that will attract visitors to your Facebook Business Page? No worries! Let us write a compelling ‘About Us’ page for your business that gets Facebook users jazzed about your businesses and motivates them to act. We’ll design an ‘About Page’ that ‘pops’! It will be both informative & interesting keeping your visitors on the edge of their seats.

Facebook PPC Landing Page Creation
Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the best ways to generate leads and sales. Our specialized service supercharges your Facebook landing page to increase conversions. A landing page, simply put, is the page of a website or social media presence that the visitor arrives at after clicking an ad. Creating a landing page is almost an art form – having a poorly designed landing page wastes time and money. Let us handle this critical portion of your marketing for you!

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