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Facebook Ongoing Services

Facebook Ongoing Services

Our Monthly Maintenance Plans have been created to ensure that your business keeps in touch with its audience while increasing exposure on the social media networks to attract new leads & paying customers. The following are services that you may elect to employ on an ala carte basis.


Facebook Fans

When Facebook users ‘Like’ your Page and become ‘Fans’ they are communicating that they are interested in receiving a steady stream of information from you. The good news is, when properly engaged, these fans will become customers! Our monthly Facebook Fans service works to continuously add new Fans to your page who have a genuine interest in your products & services. By adding new Fans we are ensuring a continuous flow of new customers will be purchasing from your business.

Facebook Status Updates
If your Facebook Page is boring to your Fans (not updated often enough or updated with the wrong information), this may cause said Fans to quickly ‘un-Like’ your Page and stop receiving your marketing message. Don’t let that happen. Our Facebook Status update service publishes a steady number of quality posts on Facebook that will keep your Fans engaged. These updates will also be seen by Friends of your Fans – further boosting market penetration and allowing the acquisition of additional raving Fans!

Facebook Ad Targeting
Facebook ads are one of the best ways online to find an audience who is interested in what you offer. Sam Bakker Consulting Group will setup a targeted Facebook marketing campaign specific to users on Facebook who are likely to have an interest in your brand. Facebook allows the laser targeting of users by demographics that they supply via their profile. No other social media platform has more demographic information on it’s users than Facebook. Plug into that huge market now!

Facebook Fan Interaction
Facebook allows for Fan interaction via conversations that are initiated by a Status Update or Fan message placed on your Business Page. Many businesses neglect to leverage this opportunity to engage their Fans – this is a grave error. This missed opportunity is akin to not answering the phone or ignoring a customer that has asked for assistance. As a result, users do not feel connected with your business. Let Sam Bakker Consulting Group communicate with your audience in these conversations on Facebook so they feel good about your brand and save you the hassle of needing to keep an eye on Facebook 24/7.

Advanced Reporting
In any business it’s essential to receive accurate reports so that you can easily assess progress, social media marketing is no exception. Our advanced reporting system allows you to monitor the progress of your social media campaigns and track the growth of your social media reach. This reporting then allows you to plan how your online marketing efforts will proceed in the near future.

Facebook Application Campaign Creation & Implementation
Facebook Applications can accelerate your market penetration on Facebook by making additional engaging functionality available to Fans. We have an extensive suite of Custom Facebook Applications we select from to create the right Facebook Application campaign for you.

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